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Giant 26 Inch Copper Spear-Heads from Canaan 2,600 BC.

In 1962 near Kfar Monash, a settlement in the plain of Sharon near the Coast of Israel,  a cache of early Bronze age weapons and tools were found. Among these were one or more giant copper spearheads 66 cm long … Continue reading

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Meganthropus X: Resurrecting the Mega-man of Java

In 2004, I purchased the obscure little book, “Apes, Giants, and Man” by Franz Weidenreich published in 1946.  Dr. Weidenreich argued for the now out of style theory that humans evolved from giant apes and giant” ape men” from Indo-China. … Continue reading

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Prehistoric Giants of France and Spain

True Giants in Neolithic France: A subject overlooked for 100 years. In my years of amateur study, I have come across internet references to “Meganthropus” and “Gigantopithecus” 8 to 12 foot tall Pleistocene “Ape men”. But these giants  have only … Continue reading

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