Giant 26 Inch Copper Spear-Heads from Canaan 2,600 BC.

In 1962 near Kfar Monash, a settlement in the plain of Sharon near the Coast of Israel,  a cache of early Bronze age weapons and tools were found. Among these were one or more giant copper spearheads 66 cm long (26 inches) weighing 2.05 kg (4.5 lbs).

Also found were 800 copper plates 5 cm x 11 cm, (2 inches wide by 4 1/3 inches long) which may have been used for scale armor, albeit rather large scales.

Giant copper spearheads 66 cm long. The blade itself would have been about 47 cm, or nearly 19 inches long.


Illustration (I made): A scale comparison between normal sized Bronze age spearheads from Canaan, and the giant spearhead from Kfar Monash. Average Canaanite spear heads were 20 to 35 cm long, with a few examples 50-60 cm found.

A normal spear head from this period would have been eight inches, maybe a foot long and weigh about a pound,  roughly half a kilogram at most. No satisfactory theory has yet to explain such gigantic spears, which are approaching the size of Goliath’s spearhead which was made of Iron and reportedly 600 shekels (15 lbs).

Occasional giant spearheads of 60 cm have also been found at Megiddo and other sites. The going Academic theory for such giant spears range from cavalry use, to battering rams, to “votive” or “ceremonial” objects. Yes, I suppose if they excavate the city of Gath and unearthed Goliath’s 15 pound spearhead they’d also explain it away as a “votive” object.

“The Organisation of Early Bronze Age Metalworking in the Southern Levant. ” Vol. 26 issue 1, pg. 58: Makes the following comment on the giant Kfar Monash spears:

“There is very little evidence for prestige-objects. Some of the spearheads from the Kfar Monash hoard may have been non-functional, due to their enormous size of up to 66 cm and a weight of up to 2,05 kg, and the halberds known so far may have been made for show rather than for real combat. Weapons in general can of course be seen as prestige-objects of a warrior-elite. While many Early Bronze Age tombs in Mesopotamia, Syria, Anatolia and the Aegean have produced a range of weapons, sometimes even in precious metal, the evidence for the Southern Levant is very limited and there is hardly any evidence for warrior burials… So the social value of weapons in the Early Bronze Age Southern Levant remains doubtful.”

The above journal suggests the Kfar Monash spearheads may have been “non-functional” and made for “show” rather than  for real combat, but then shoots itself in the foot by admitting there is little evidence of these sort of “show”, or  “prestige-objects” in the Southern Levant (Canaan).

I do wonder if Canaanite Giants 7 to 9 feet tall wielded these huge spears? The Rephaim, or sons of Anak mentioned in the scriptures? Why makes spears six times heavier than normal and twice as long? Who knows.

More to come…

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4 Responses to Giant 26 Inch Copper Spear-Heads from Canaan 2,600 BC.

  1. Dan says:

    Goliaths spear head weighed 15 pounds. Making it’s length over 36″ long.

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