Giant research pt 1

Geraldton Guardian and Express Mon. April 28. 1930 pg 3

8 ft giant skeleton California, The Pittsburgh Press Dec 23, 1916 pg 63

Quote: “A leg bone, was two feet and some inches in length”
That indicates these people were easily over Seven and over eight feet tall. A tibia or femur exceeding 24 inches would belong to a true giant, as the usual length of the femur is roughly 27% of stature.

Lovelock Cave man by Mark Laplume (I added the red hair) Check out Mark Laplume’s blog on Facebook. He is Root Race Research on facebook.

Mark Laplume’s reconstruction of Texas Beach Giant skull.(On facebook, Laplume’s work can bee seen on his “Roots Race Research” page) I found this Texas skull article in 2009 while searching news articles. I sent it to Steve Quayle, Terje Dahl and several others. It was a huge skull.

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