Skeleton of 7 foot Medieval Giantess, Italy 1971.

The skeleton of the 11th century Gigantessa,  2 m 10 cm tall, (About 7 feet) unearthed in 1971 by Delfino Fregonese.


In 1971, during a normal archaeological excavation campaign at Civitella del Tronto (pictured), in the province of Teramo, were found the remains of a tall woman 2.10 metres.

The dating of the human remains have been founded around 1100-1200 and disbelief to the height anomaly, considered too significant in view of the average height of the era, mostly by a woman.

Another element of curiosity and mystery of this woman, who was soon dubbed “the giantess” and who died around 22-25 years of age, is the cause of death by blows inflicted on her body with hard object and with a ferocity very accentuated.

These mysteries he adds another: the woman clutching an unusual object, which is not classified among the items discovered so far and attributable to age, an iron bar and copper with the hooked end wrapped by a metal gauze.

What was this object? How Come I’ve never found one of these items during the excavations whereas middle age is an era where archaeological excavations have unearthed virtually every kind of item? Who was this woman very high?

A possible answer could be that height was considered a “different”, maybe evil source. Hence the brutal killing.


— Note from Rephaim23:

I found this report in Joe Taylor’s Fantastic book: “Giants Against Evolution.” I would Imagine a woman standing 7 feet tall may indicate a family or tribe who had men up to 8 and 9 feet tall, as men generally tend to be 8 to 10 percent taller than women.

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