Giant Research Pt 3,4446512&dq=giant+miami+valley+8+feet&hl=en,3109152&dq=smithsonian+giant+skull&hl=en,589051&dq=smithsonian+skeleton+7+feet+tall&hl=en,3666038&dq=smithsonian+skeleton+giant&hl=en,2062412&dq=massachusetts+burial+mounds&hl=en

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One Response to Giant Research Pt 3

  1. Ryan says:

    Hi Jim, its Ryan .you used to send me vids and material regarding giants on a different e-mail address ( Unfortunetly I couldn’t keep in touch as my computer was broken down. I see you stopped your u-tube account. I hope this works as I would like to keep in touch as your a good researcher. And there isn’t a lot of us in this area of studying the Sons of God (Shebtiu,Shem-Su-Hor, Annunage,Annunaki-Nephilim and with a level head. Anyhow I wont write much as im not sure if your address is good anymore. My proper address is

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