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Ancient Giant Birds, 12 to 25 feet wingspan.

Argentavis, the 25 foot terror bird. Teratorns (from the Greek Τερατορνις Teratornis, ‘monster bird’) were very large birds of prey that lived in North and South America from Miocene to Pleistocene. They include some of the largest known flying birds. … Continue reading

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Giant Bears, historic and ancient Over 12 feet tall – Monsters of the Past.

The Short Face bear, Arctodus Simus often stood 11 to 12 feet tall on two legs, weighed about 2,000 lbs. Very large males may have reached 13 to 15 feet tall on two legs in my opinion. From Wikipedia: … Continue reading

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Giant trees I have witnessed. Table scraps of a once immense forest.

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Tallest Douglas Fir in America

Historically Reported Douglas-Fir Exceeding 300 and 400 Feet The following is an incomplete list I started in 2006 or 2007, and I add new reports or references at a leisurely basis. All primary credit is owed to the late big … Continue reading

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