Giant of Castelnau Proportions: Anatomy of a Giant

Giant bones of Castelnau France.

Giant bones of Castelnau France. From La Nature, 888 pg 11-12, 1890.

In August of 2009, I unearthed the giant of Castelnau report while perusing Google books, and have attempted to make the report go viral, created a Wikipedia article for it, and sent the report to various internet authors. Between 2002 and 2013, I have amassed over 1,400 reports of giant human skeletons in newspaper reports, magazines, diaries, and journals. In the past year I have teamed up with the leading giant researchers in the world, Jim Vieira, Ross Hamilton, LA Marzulli, Chris Lesley, and others. There are about one or two dozen committed researchers in this field who are actively looking through newspaper archives, and digital libraries for reports of gigantic skeleton finds. I began my research in 2002 under the pseudonym “John Williams”, later “James Strouse” and “Rephaim23.” I am among the first researchers to effectively unearth hundreds of New York Times and Wa Post articles, and working with other researchers helped create a greater widespread knowledge of these reports for full dissemination so that other researchers can follow-up in on going investigation into these reports.

With so many photo shop hoaxes online , and a small but well publicized number of historic hoaxes like the Cardiff giant, good investigation and compilation of credible reports is all the more important. I believe there is historic, and scientific value in these reports of very large human bones and skeletons. My research album can be found at Micah E Giantology on Facebook:

Castelnau 2

I created this image for comparison. The grey mid shaft of the Castelnau giant is extracted from the photo engraving from page 12 of La Nature magazine, vol. 18, Issue 888 pg 11 – 12, June 1890. The circumference of the fragment was 16 cm, which if it is a true cylinder, would make it 2 inches diameter by the ratio of Pi, or 3.1415. The average 5’10” white male of America has a femur about 19 inches in length, and 1.2 inches diameter at the mid shaft. The thickness of the mid shaft fragment of the Castelnau giant is 66% thicker than that of an average build contemporary man, suggestive of a femur over 30 inches in length, which would be proportionate to an individual about 9 to 10 feet in height, or 3 meters.

Castelnau Giant 3

A comparison of the humerus taken from the same photo engraving, I have highlighted the humerus section of the giant of Castelnau, the lower half of the giant’s humerus, the fragment is broken at about the medial supracondylar ridge, the fragment measures about 26 cm long based on the dimensions given in La Nature, 888, 1890 pg 12. The supposition being that if 26 cm represents about half of the original complete humerus, the complete humerus bone of the giant may have measured twice that length, or 2 x 26 = 52 cm, or 20.5 inches. I am no anatomist, but my brother is tall man of 6 feet and 3 inches high, and 180 pounds, and his humerus bone by my measurement is about 14-1/2 inches length. A 20 or 21 inch humerus is suggestive of a man well above eight feet high, possibly over nine feet tall if he is proportioned in the same manner as a modern Caucasian male.

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2 Responses to Giant of Castelnau Proportions: Anatomy of a Giant

  1. Maxime says:

    hey, Thank you very much for your research on the giant of castelnau. I am actually from castelnau le lez and have never herd about this story until last week. I am now decided to find where the bones and skull are kept now, and will call or visit the anatomy museum in montpellier.
    i can have access to archives around here, if i find out anything about the bones that you may not know, ill make sure to write you about it.

    • rephaim23 says:


      THANK YOU! Merci

      I have been trying to track down any further information of the bones, or any other large sized skulls found near Castelnau le lez, and Montpellier for 5 years as of this August! I first discovered this find while looking on Google books, and Newspaper archives, and sent the report to a “Creationist” researcher named Chris Parker under my internet Alias “James Strouse” ( in September 2009, and he uploaded it to his webpage:

      In the pasts several years I have found more references to “giant burials” or reports of very tall 2 to 3 meter tall individuals in France, Spain, and Britain, and over 1,500 accounts in North American burial mounds! A few of these have turned up to be hoaxes, others mis-calculation, or sensation, but many of them have also been tracked to legitimate science papers, archaeological field reports, and medical bulletins of high credibility – and even some bones have been traced to actual inventory records in some museums, so it is exciting to find any information about these finds, and where they may lead!

      I appreciate your help! My theory is that some genetic forms of gigantism may have been more common in ancient times due to arranged marriages, special selection of warrior stock, and unique traits among warriors and ruling families – and that people of taller physique were regarded as an honored class in ancient times. But this is just my theory! Thanks again!


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