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Skeletons of Saxon Giants Over 7 feet tall: 6th & 7th centuries A.D.

At least two notable gigantic skeletons of Saxon men, towering 7 ft, to 7 feet 4 inches tall have been documented from 6th and 7th century A.D. Saxon graves in the 20th century at two independent sites in Northern, and … Continue reading

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Nooksack Giant. My estimates of height & volume.

I have just recently tallied up all the heights,  diameters, and estimated market board feet for 22 giant Douglas fir trees listed on page 11 of Dr. Al Carder’s excellent book, Forest Giants of the World, Past and Present. Of the … Continue reading

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Trees of Seattle, Tallest tree 253-foot Douglas fir!

O. O. Denny Park has tallest tree in Seattle metro! — 253 FEET! Taller than Portland’s Balch Creek giant of 242 -244 ft! Seattle one hundred years ago was a mecca of gigantic Douglas fir, for instance some giants in … Continue reading

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PDX TREES – Some Notable & Tallest Trees of Portland, Oregon Metro

Google earth urban forestry height assessment of Portland Metropolitan area based on Photogrammetric renderings. Using my own measurements of some standing trees via Suunto Inclinometer, and comparing them to these digital renderings, I’d say the accuracy in Google earth is … Continue reading

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