Portland, Oregon urban canopy height assesment # 2

Metro Region has an interesting feature on their website’s GIS mapping portal. What appears to be LiDar, or some sort of topographical feature overlay with building footprints and tree impressions, are modeled in their BASE RLIS layer map.

Using this as a basis, I have found a new method of weeding out clusters of tall trees in their respective groves / stands.

I used a contrast and gamma correction on my basic Irfan view photo software to find the tallest trees in a selected area based on the Metro GIS Base map overlay:

Here is the same location using the Google Earth 3-D Photo-realistic mode, after I applied a polygon canopy filter of 38 meters – or, 125 feet, to find the tallest trees.


canopy filter 38 meter

The 2 map layers do seem agree rather well with each other. I will test this method for future projects in the metro region to find new tall tree records.


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