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Tallest Trees in Eastmoreland could be cut down ; Three 150 foot Sequoias

3 Historic Giant Sequoia Trees said to be 158  years old, up to 150+ feet tall, & 7 feet diameter could be cut down in Eastmoreland, S.E. Portland! – by MJ Ewers, 6-28-15. These are the tallest trees in Eastmoreland, … Continue reading

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Giantology, the Last 100 years.

-Giantology, the Last 100 years. A modern resurgence – Comments by  M.J. Ewers, June 2015. (List updated periodically): c. 1800-1950 Newspaper + Smithsonian Ethnology reports of giants & lost races, mound builders etc (the primary source material of a century … Continue reading

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Indian Mounds, 7 foot skeletons, horns & extra teeth — Nephilim Giants, or Shamans?

Skulls with horns, Extra teeth and other Cranial anomalies The Adena and other Woodland Indians who built mounds from Illinois down to Georgia, often buried their top medicine man, chief or shaman at the center or bottom of the mound. … Continue reading

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Patagonian Giants, the Ona Tribe. Dr Frederick Cook’s photos, and notes: 7 foot giants.

Dr Frederick Cook, the controversial explorer and physician made some interesting claims of having encountered “giants” among the “Ona” people of Patagonia during his “Belgica” expedition in 1896-97. His photographs and notes which I recently discovered in online publications, I … Continue reading

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