PDX Trees: Canopy Analytics – A New & Comprehensive Look at the Portland Metro Urban Forest! Stunning interactive LiDAR data.

Canopy Analytics

My friend Darvel Lloyd recently forwarded me a link to this fantastic new interactive map of the Portland metropolitan area’s urban canopy. Individual trees have been mapped and plotted from 2014 LiDAR data for the whole of the Portland area. This is the single most important contribution to tree height research ever made publicly available to the Portland area, and greatly exceeds in accuracy and ease of use earlier methods I had utilized using Google Earth’s 3D function starting 3 years ago in my attempt to locate Portland’s tallest trees. The new LiDAR tree heights are often a couple of feet taller than Google earth derived heights, but generally agree within 2%, plus or minus.

Credit is to be given to the fine researchers at Portland State University. Sustaining Urban Places Research (SUPR) Lab in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University.

And a special thanks to Jackson Voelkel, Geospatial Research Analyst at the SUPR Lab, for stunning work on integrating LiDAR data for multiple complex GIS applications.

This interactive map makes big tree research a lot more fun, and more importantly adds immensely to the study of individual trees in the grand scheme of the environment & climate change research, as well as what role trees play in mitigating urban heat islands etc.

PDX TREES: Some new updates of tallest trees from 2014 LiDAR Canopy Analytics:

  • Oxbow Regional Park, Gresham: Douglas fir 289 ft
  • Forest Park, Balch canyon: Heritage Douglas fir 250 ft
  • Mt Tabor Park: Douglas fir 200 ft
  • Powell Butte Nature Park: Douglas fir 209 ft
  • Kelly Butte: Douglas fir 188 ft
  • Rocky Butte/ The Grotto: Douglas fir 192 ft
  • Lents Park: Douglas fir 153 ft
  • Mt Scott Park: Douglas fir 150 ft
  • Mt Scott / Lincoln Memorial Park: Douglas fir 197 ft
  • Leach Botanical Garden: Douglas fir 194 ft
  • Brentwood- Private Campground: Douglas fir 148 ft
  • Woodstock Park: Douglas fir 144 ft
  • Eastmoreland, Martin St. Sequoias: 156ft, 138ft, 146 ft
  • Crystal Springs: Douglas fir 158 ft
  • Kenilworth Park: Douglas fir 164 ft
  • Laurelhurst Park: Douglas fir 171 ft
  • Sellwood Park: Douglas fir 180 ft
  • Ross Island: Black Cottonwood 163 ft
  • Riverview Cemetary: Douglas fir 189 ft
  • Tryon Creek Park: Douglas fir 218 ft
  • Mary S Young Park: Douglas fir 211 ft
  • Private. Beaver Creek, near Sandy River: Douglas fir 214 ft
  • Scouter’s Mountain, Happy Valley: Douglas fir 204 ft
  • Private. Happy Valley #6, along Rock Creek: Douglas fir 215 ft
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1 Response to PDX Trees: Canopy Analytics – A New & Comprehensive Look at the Portland Metro Urban Forest! Stunning interactive LiDAR data.

  1. Darvel T Lloyd says:

    Wow, you don’t waste any time, Micah! Looks great! Darv

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